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You will be selecting a security contractor to

provide event security services for your lobby,

meeting room and exhibit hall areas from move­

in through moveout. Our primary responsibility

is to provide a secure building perimeter on a

twentyfour hour basis. CCC Security staff will

also work closely with your contracted event

security company to ensure that our security

standards have been met. Refer to Event Security Staffing Protocol .


In order to welcome your attendees, our Guest

Services Department


schedule a

complimentary greeter at either A or F Atrium

entrance. The greeter will not only guide your

attendees to the appropriate space for your

event, but they are trained on the logistics and

amenities of the facility. If you choose to utilize

the peoplemover cart service during your event,

a Guest Services representative will operate the

cart. It is their goal to make your attendees feel

like a special guest during their visit to CCC.

Refer to Guest Services Information .


Our Housekeeping Department keeps the

restrooms, lobbies, corridors and other public

areas clean and presentable during your event.

Meeting rooms will be monitored and refreshed

according to the event schedule. Trash

generated at registration areas and individual

exhibitor booths are serviced through your

general service contractor. Please inform your

Event Manager about special cleaning schedules

or restricted areas. Refer to Event Housekeeping Procedures .


Our Sustainability Department is committed to

helping our clients host conferences and events

that consider the triple bottom line of

economics, environment, and community. By

implementing various sustainable practices, we

can help you reduce the environmental impact

of your event and raise awareness with your

attendees and stakeholders.

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