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Ask your Event Manager about the CCC

sustainability practices and how we can work

together. Refer to Sustainability Quick Facts and Sustainability Client Info and Sustainable Events Guide .


Our Building Services Department sets all tables,

chairs, risers and other equipment, within the

limits of our inventory. They also handle

partitioning walls and your changeover

requirements. Some services may involve a

labor charge, please ask your Event Manager

about changeover fees.

Building Services

provides water for your podiums and/or head

tables at no additional charge; however, hollow

square and conference sets are watered for a

minimal charge. Refer to Flat Rate Changeover Explanation .


Our Technical Services Department handles

staging, house lighting, and house audio.

Again, some services may involve a labor

charge, please ask your Event Manager about

changeover fees. Our Technical Services staff

works in conjunction with your contractors.


hey review all rigging plans, operate house


ifts/forklifts and can accommodate minor


aterial handling.


Our Sales Department has worked with you

since the initial booking of your event and

through the administering of your contract.

Your contract is our legal commitment to each

other. Until it is signed by you and executed by

us, the partnership is not complete. If you are

less than eighteen months from your event and

do not have an executed contract, call your

Sales Manager to discuss the status of your




most cases your contract has already been

executed and you are now working with your

Event Manager. However, it is very important to

let your Sales Manager know if you have made

any changes to your event that will affect your

contract. An amendment will then be prepared

for your signature.Our Sales Department works

in partnership with Visit Denver in booking our

facility. If you are interested in exploring dates

within the next eighteen months at the CCC,

please call us directly at (303) 2288000. If your

plans are for the more distant future, or if you

need hotel room accommodations, please call

Visit Denver at (303) 8921112.

Learn more about our Sales team at­ team/salesteam .

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Colorado Convention Center | Event Planner's Guide

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