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Archives from August 2011

  • Social Media and Event Planning

    Social Media and Event Planning

    We recently came across the following article in the Ilinois Meeting + Events Magazine about Social Media and The Changing Face of Event Planning. The article decribes the benefits of social media through everything from helping planners find vendors as well as word-of-mouth campagins.  It also highlights information about encouraging socializtion at events that will help enhance the attendees…

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  • I See What You Mean‚ Behind the Making

    I See What You Mean‚ Behind the Making

    Have you ever wondered why the Colorado Convention Center has a huge bear looking in? For most convention centers out there you will find them to be bland and boring, but as far as the Colorado Convention Center goes a work of art is quite an attraction.  According to Lawrence Argent, the creator of the 40-foot high blue bear can be identifiable amongst many who walk past by the convention center…

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  • Crazy Sites, Wild Imagination

    Crazy Sites, Wild Imagination

    Love Art? So does Denver! Denver has become known for its many pieces of public art that makes your in-town experience like a field trip. Have you seen all the public art in Denver? If not, according to Huff Post Denver, there are 6 “CAN’T MISS” public art pieces you truly can’t miss.

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  • Planning Your Next Event

    Planning Your Next Event

    Nothing can be more stressful than planning a huge event that will host hundreds to thousands of people at one moment in time. You can almost anticipate the stress and anxiety that will follow as well the increase pressure that you can alllow to put on yourself leading up to the big day. Here are some helpful event tips that can help ease your mind and nerves while you put on your next large scale…

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