10 Booth Boosting Tips

Are you ready to bring new life to your exhibit? Or are you ready to chuck it becuase no one stopped to see you at your last event?

Your answer is a few steps away with these tips we found from BSI Exhibits to attract visitors to your booth.


10 Booth Boosting Tips

1.   Improve your lighting

Any booth will attract attention if it is well lit. The human eye is naturally attracted to bright lights.

2.   Color your world

Bright colors are pleasing to our eyes and exciting to our brains. Bright, rich colors attract people.

3.   Use the soft touch

Upgrade to quality carpet and padding. The soft feel underfoot gives the impression of quality and class.

4.   Creat an open atmosphere

Eliminate all other phyiscal andpsychological barriers to your booth by making it open and inviting.

Eliminate all other physical and psychological barriers to your booth by making it open and inviting.

5.   Make something move

Provide movement to attract attendees' eyes and bodies towards your booth. Activity attracts people's attention.

6.   Tickle the senses

Smells often trigger the most pleasant of memories. Present smells to attract visitors to your booth like cookies.

7.   Personalize your exhibit

Your exhibit doesn't have to be all work and no play. Use props and decorate your booth.

8.   Invent a corporate dress code

Make your staff stand out. Wear the same shirt, tie, scarf, vest or jacket.

9.   Go high-tech

Use all the tools at your disposal to provide information. Use websites, email blasts, web links and downloads.

10. Staff your booth with the best

Nothing will increase your ROI like choosing the right people to staff your booth. Only send the best!













If you do not have the time or money to take on all 10 tips at once, take it slow. Try out a few ideas to see how they work. Whatever you do, have fun and be comfortable with your exhibit.

Are you planning on exhibiting at an event? Check to see if the venue offers any exhibitor ordering or opportunities. Take a look at what we offer exhibitors exhibiting at events held here at the Colorado Convention Center.

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