Blue Bear. See What We Mean, Up Close and Personal.

In Throwback Thursday style, we are throwing ourselves back to the story of a Colorado Convention Center resident and Denver’s beloved icon. The city's Blue Bear surprises visitors from all around the world and not to mention, makes for the perfect photo opportunity. It's that moment when visitors get up close and personal to the huggable hallow fiberglass and steel bear, and wonder why they are greeted by a bear in Denver. Yes, most of us have heard a few bits and pieces here and there, but nothing makes total sense. With new visitors from all over the world, you can only imagine the kind of questions we get but it’s all fun. First of all, a common question is “Why is the statue looking into the convention center” and not facing the street"? No matter what, we see tweets and Facebook posts come in on a daily basis with the fact that there is a "friendly" blue bear in Denver to greet guests. 
















And will Blue Bear crash your presentation? Well, you may never know... 













The Colorado Convention Center has noticed the bear’s popularity on social media and has made it a branding tool. That said, the famous icon had made itself known on every Colorado Convention Center social media channel and promotional video, if you already couldn't tell. Why not put a huggable bear on the face of every platform? The answer's easy. Blue Bear represents what a convention center is. Now, it's time to get down to the story as it goes back to long before the statue stood peering inside the convention center. 

Let’s start with the idea of a convention center, where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art Program had wanted to tie what a convention center is to an amazing public art piece and that’s just what Blue Bear’s creator, Lawrence Argent did. Argent was interested in what might be going on inside the convention center and the “exchange of information, ideas and ideologies”.  Quite often, from the outside of the building, you are able to see what groups are in house from signs and such but the curiosity was always still there. It wasn’t until Argent saw a photo of a curious bear looking into a window that he had sparks fly. Hence, the idea was born. “I See What You Mean”, the bear’s name, comes together with what the statue may be looking at and the sheer curiosity of what’s going on inside, the exchange of information and ideas.

Curious how the color of the statue came about? The idea is just as simple. Read more here

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