Bumiller Art Connection

If you have ever been to a show at the Wells Fargo Theatre, it is hard to miss the Wood Water Rock wall, made up of 18 separate wood panels painted in oils. The piece of art work spans the entire wall next to the entry door of the 5,000 seat music venue.  Created by artist Trine Bumiller, the art piece has not only become a popular piece for music goers, but the artist is now gaining national news. 











Bumiller was recently feature in in art ltd. magazine for her upcoming solo exhibition at Zg Gallery in Chicago titled "In Medias Res."  The art exhibition is titled in Latin translated to mean "into the middle of things."  In asking Bumiller about the exhibition, she mentioned the following, "I like that in-between period, that in-between region whether it's literal or philosophical. I've been working with the organic and inorganic and finding that combination in the middle of things that is representational and abstract,"

Check out Bumiller’s exhibitions and other art around Denver/Colorado at the Colorado Boulevard Public Art Project, University of Colorado at Boulder, and exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens; Estuarine:Works.

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