Colorado Convention Center Recognized as Sustainabiltiy ELP Gold Leader

Last week the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recognized the Colorado Convention Center along with 168 organizations on October 5 for the 17th Annual Environmental Leadership Awards that recognize outstanding environmental achievements that help keep Colorado a desirable place to work and live.  The awards recognize Colorado organizations with gold, silver and bronze designations for voluntarily going beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and for their commitment to continual environmental improvement.

The Colorado Convention Center was recognized as an ELP Gold Leader Certification- Existing Building Operations and Maintenance. It is our goal to erase the line between a “regular event” and a “green event” by making all events held at the Convention Center sustainable.  We also explore new processes and policies, keeping the ones that work for our operation and modifying the ones that don’t.

Highlights in our sustainability program:

300 kWh of energy produced by rooftop solar array annually
391,322 lbs of material composted
746,461 lbs of material recycled

For more information about how the Colorado Convention Center practices sustainability CLICK HERE.

For more information on Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment CLICK HERE.

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