Goodbye 2013…. Hello 2014

There's so many of these lists that are popping up and we love reading them all. They all seem to include the oops moment that we all will reluctantly remember from the VMA's, but still worth reading.

In a nutshell, we've narrowed our memories down from the year in 12 highlights which include things that made us smile, laugh and things that made us want to see more. If you have any additions including more photos, please comment on our blog post link on Facebook.

1. The fans of Denver Comic Con:

























2. Denver's smiling faces at several events including the Great American Beer Festival: Photo Credit - The Great American Beer Festival










2. Denver sunrises shared by you on many city Facebook pages:











3. Colorado united in orange:












4. Seasons changing around Blue Bear:













5. When conventions know how to use Blue Bear creatively during an event. Measuring Blue Bear goes down as a favorite. Photo Credit - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 





















6. "Reporting Live from Blue Bear" photos. Anyone vote for a giant microphone? Photo Credit: Craig Lowary



















7. ROAR! A visit from a megastar to a local high school:












8. The Tweets from Bellco Theatre events. This can't be explained, only experienced:








9. Beer booming in Denver: Photo Credit - Great American Beer Festival














10. The day “Colorado is Open”: Photo Credit - Arapahoe Basin














11. A Mother Goose "Calling the Convention Center Home":
















12. Finally, here's a nod to Convention Center/Visit Denver staff having a blast cleaning up the Platte River. Talk about everlasting memories (minus the sweat of course):



















We asked you what your favorite event was this year on Facebook. Feel free to join in on the conversation on our Facebook page.

All in all, minus the VMA drama, 2013 was a year not to forget and also year to be remembered for the many sad events that took place.

Now let's bring on 2014! Most of your cherished events are returning next year and we can't wait to see your smiling faces in photos across Colorado. For events Blue Bear gets to see close up, check out the 2014 event calendar and see you soon.

Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!

Main Photo Credit: Scott Dressel-Martin

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