Habitatin’ for Humanity

On Thursday October 11th, 2012 a team of 10 employees from the Colorado Convention Center volunteered with Habitat for Humanity to help build a house in Edgewater, CO. This is the fifth year the Colorado Convention  Center has participated in this program, and the second event of 2012! 


Becky Capolungo, Sales Coordinator, shares the volunteer experience with us:
Each time the house is in a different stage of completion, this time around we spent the day cutting and installing drywall.   The Colorado Convention Center volunteers have very little construction experience, so it’s always amazing to see how much we can accomplish in a day with the help of the experienced Habitat crew!  It is such a rewarding experience to know that our hard work is helping to provide a family a home, and while often the future homeowners volunteer on many houses that Habitat is building to get their volunteer hours, this time two of the future tenants were working right beside us!  The interior structure of the houses we work on are always covered with well wishes and blessings from the volunteers who have worked on the house, so it was great to see that sometimes the family actually gets a chance to read them all before they are covered with insulation and drywall.  Our team at the Colorado Convention Center loves having the opportunity to give back to our community!

Habitat for Humanity is an organization which “empower(s) families who are willing to work hard to achieve their dream of homeownership. Each Habitat homeowner invests hundreds of hours to help build their home, and then purchases it with an affordable, zero-percent interest mortgage.”

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