Is the World of Social Media for You?

Are you ready to enter into a realm that you've been avoiding? Whatever the reasons, social media is not for everyone; however, it does prove successful when done correctly.  With that being said, what is social media and why should you use it?

In my experience as the in-house marketing guru for a convention venue (boy, that makes me sound important), I have seen some events that rely on all channels of social media to get the word out and other events that want to completely avoid the topic.  Two extremes, and most interestingly enough, the same results when it comes to a successful event.  I must admit, even a year ago I would have gone without the engaging world of social media; however my point of view has drastically changed.

Here’s why. The 5 E’s of social media: Engage, Encourage, Educate, Enrich, and Empower.

Events take place in the first place with a common goal in mind; the transfer of information, which includes the fun part - gathering socially.  When we talk events, socially speaking, we refer to how people come together in groups, right?  Well, that’s pretty darn close to the definition of social media, excluding the web based aspect.  See where I’m going?  Although “social media” is defined in many different ways, the overall goal is to interact socially which may be the reason why your holding your event.  Still wondering how it will benefit in your ROI? Think about what your goal is in planning your event.  Are you planning your event to engage, encourage, educate, enrich, and empower?  Then Facebook, Twitter, and the many other social media channels is your answer according to the essential 5 E’s of social media.  Remember, common goals work together and drive results.  In the planning stage of an event, all the way to the promotional stage of an event, you will see results.  Try it.  Don’t know how? Watch for a series of blogs on how to break away into the world.  It can be challenging if your new to the world but incredibly rewarding.


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