Make your event interactive

If Flash Mobs are a thing of the past, what is out there that can make your event interactive and fun to get attendees excited?

We asked our very own event professionals here at the Colorado Convention Center and here are 6 ideas that can make an event fun and interactive:

1.   Goosechase
Having a scavenger hunt is a great way to provide interactivity for attendees and get sponsors in on the fun.

2.   Banquet Seating
Assign seating in non-traditional ways, i.e. birthday months or distributing different floral stems that will combine and also create the centerpiece and conversation. 

3.   Apples to Apples
This is a fun and interactive game to see how intelligent or how funny people are that will get attendees laughing and having fun.

4.   Two Truths and a Lie
You say three things (two truths and one lie) and everyone tries to guess what the lie is, this is a great way for attendees to get comfortable with each other.

5.   A Karaoke Station
For years, people have been able to enjoy the comfort of signing in their car when no one is around or even in the shower.  Let your attendees “let loose” and share their secret singing moments with other attendees.  It is a great way to break the ice amongst a group of people and get the party started.

6.   Theme Integration
Take your event them to the next level by integrated your theme into every aspect of your event including your waitstaff and bartending staff.  If your theme is “A Night With the Stars”, have all your wait staff wear movie star like glasses or even drape themselves with feather boas.  The attendees will  feel more engaged in the theme and it will help to leave a great lasting impression.


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