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  • Mother Goose “Calls” the Colorado Convention Center Home

    Mother Goose “Calls” the Colorado Convention Center Home

    The Colorado Convention Center has become home to a very special mom! “Momma Goose” and her 5 eggs have made our roof top their home.  In joining Blue Bear as one of the center's inhabitants, Momma Goose should be expecting her baby goslings in about 8 weeks. While never leaving her eggs unattended, the Convention Center engineer team has been taking diligent care of her making sure she has enough bird seed and even a little shelter when it snowed.  Planning for the future, a kiddie pool was also brought in to help the little ones learn how to swim.

    Story followup: June 2013, Mother Goose became mom to 2 adorable goslings. They all eventually flew away and nature would intend.

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