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  • No tickets? No problem. The “Napa Valley of Beer” will take care of you.

    No tickets? No problem. The “Napa Valley of Beer” will take care of  you.

    It’s that time again. The 2014 Great American Beer Festival is upon us and Denver is in the spotlight for beer lovers. As we speak, the expo hall sits quietly with kegs, empty pitchers, and taps waiting for the most anticipated event of the year. We call this, "before the madness". Such a beautiful sight.

    Main photo by hailbrewco.

    If you’re a lucky one with a ticket in hand, cheers and check out the 9 ways to do it right. On the other hand, if you’re in an extreme rut because you don’t have tickets and that’s all you have been complaining about all day, stop right there and smell the beer in the air as we offer up a “cheers” to you as well. Now it’s time to reiterate the slogan that’s the talk of the town…. No tickets? No problem. The "Napa Valley of Beer" will take care of you.

    Disclaimer – the section below is also for ticket holders so don’t stop reading…

    As you may have noticed, craft beer of all shapes, tastes and sizes are on all of our minds. This brings great news. The city is filled with events. That said, here’s four links that showcase the events held in a region that we know as the “Napa Valley of Beer”.

    1. Denver Beer Trail 

    2. Denver Beer Fest 

    3. 2014 GABF Week Events 

    4. Denver Post: GABF Week 2014 calendar: tappings, dinners and more




    Please remember to drink safely and responsibly. Now get out and smell the fresh beer. Cheers, Denver!

    Beer Trail














    Main photo by hailbrewco

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