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  • RFID Technology

    RFID Technology

    Anyone who has ever planned an event can tell you that some of the risks that exist can really add a huge amount of stress to the planning of the event.  Event Planners look at every aspect of the event from logistics to number of attendance.  With all these risks to take into consideration, new technology has been sought out to help minimize the risk and help aid in producing a successful event.

    The RFID technology is slowly moving its way into the event management world.  Here in Colorado, most people are familiar with RFID readers on the ski lifts and on the slopes.  The RFID reader allows skiers and snowboards to keep their ski pass in their jackets while the technology is able to scan and read the chip allowing them access to the mountain. This same technology has been used and integrated into events to help create consistency and streamline events.

    Some concerns for event planners range from managing VIP’s to dealing with counterfeit tickets. Let’s take a look at some concerns below and how RFID can help to manage a solution:

    • Manage VIP access: RFID has the ability to separate different levels of access.  If an attendee is considered a VIP, their RFID chip will contain that information and allow them access to certain VIP areas, while keeping out those attendees who do not have the same privileges.
    • Attendee Identification and Capture of Data: RFID has the ability to hold all of the attendees information in the chip which makes for easy identification of the attendee and monitoring of the attendees actions.  RFID can manage which sessions the attendee sat in as well as how much time was spend on the tradeshow floor.  Attendee data can also easily be captured by exhibitors with the use of a reader.

    RFID technology has many benefits in activating events and helping reduce risk, but it comes with a price to pay.  RFID technology can be expense so make sure to create a budget for the technology or integrate the technology in different phases throughout events.

    Nikki Haddad, CMP
    Sales and Marketing Manager

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