Social Media and Event Planning

We recently came across the following article in the Ilinois Meeting + Events Magazine about Social Media and The Changing Face of Event Planning. CLICK HERE to view the article.

The article decribes the benefits of social media through everything from helping planners find vendors as well as word-of-mouth campagins.  It also highlights information about encouraging socializtion at events that will help enhance the attendees experience.  It is a great article worth checking out.

As we all have heard on repeated accounts, "Social Media is here to stay".  It is not whether or not your get involved in the Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn of the world, the question is now what are you doing to ehnance your social media platforms to gain interest and increase 'Fans' and 'Followers'.

Below are a couple of techinques, here at the Colorado Convention Center that we have found helpful in our social media efforts.


Fan your client or event on Facebook and make sure that you tag them in all posts related to their event.  This provides wonderful exposure for your venue as well as the event.


Always remember Twitter is not a one-way marketing platform it is a two-way converstation with your followers.  Try and tailor your posts to information that is relevant to your audience.


Connect with your Event Planner or Show Vendor on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your experience and helps to further build a lasting relationship with industry partners.

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