The “Dancers” in Our Neighbor’s Backyard

At the Colorado Convention Center, there's quite an artistic presence with the wonderful art that fills our hallways, sidewalks and not to mention, windows. The story of local artist, Lawrence Argent’s big blue bear has shown the city what I See What You Mean, a curious beloved bear gazing through our lobby windows can mean to the city. But what about the other piece of art that has also become a local smash hit? Yes, we see our wonderful Blue Bear daily on social media but there is one more piece that we see quite often and with a convention center backdrop, the Denver Center for the Performing Art’s Dancers by artist, Jonathan Borofsky.   

Dancers was permanently installed in the Denver Performing Arts Complex backyard in 2003 and has with many other city commissioned pieces of art, has sparked quite the Instagram photo revolution of local artwork. On a steady basis via Blue Bear’s Instagram account, we see photos with the convention center tagged but with a dancer’s focal point.  This makes us love the people’s appreciation for public art and as we watch, we just can’t get enough of the fabulous photos and point of views the people have to offer.

That said, thank you for the support you all have shown the convention center on Instagram. Keep those photos coming with @coconventioncenter and #CCCBlueBear!

See you on Instagram, Denver.











This photo is in dedication to the artistic dancers in our neighbor’s back yard. 

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