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For decades, Roland Bernier has been creating art with words. Each word in the "Wall of Words" has meaning, but is out of context with the words on either side. Through activity and movement in the area, viewers are placed within the context of their transient environment, absorbing them into the artwork. They are slowed for a moment, challenged by the words, searching for a connection, a meaning that only each can translate by interacting with the piece. "The idea of taking a word out of context has opened a new visual world for me. I continue to experiment with words, looking for and creating new relationships between the form of the word and a variety of images. My work has both verbal and visual references, alluding to a nonexistent meaning. I purposely use clichés and combine them with imagery from everyday objects. In this installation the viewer becomes the image."

We are pleased that this installation provides the "Blue Bear" another point of interest to keep the curiosity piqued.

Colorado Convention Center: Roland Bernier Time Lapse from NINE dot ARTS on Vimeo.

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