Ocular Series

Mike McClung

I am fascinated by the complexities of the dizzying array of patterns and designs found in nature (leaves, rocks, clouds, etc.) as well as the interconnectedness among people and cultures; each and every one is unique and yet the commonalities are obvious. In the burn series, I study these relationships while exploring geometry, language, architecture, various organics and the randomness of nature through a process of burning images onto wood and through paper.

As I progress with the series, now having worked on it for twelve years, I have begun experimenting with varying the dimensions, introducing color, and working with gold, silver and copper – all of which provide endless possibilities for exploring new creative directions. Born out of this process, I am beginning to explore tangential series which include multiple layers; burn-outs in columnar sculptures, prints, organic open-flamed burnouts and pyrographs on wood.

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