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Denver’s Public Art Program was established in 1988 as an Executive Order under Mayor Federico Peña.

The order, enacted into Ordinance by Mayor Wellington E. Webb, directs that 1% of any capital improvement project over $1 million undertaken by the City, be set aside for the inclusion of art in the design and construction of these projects. Over the past 20 years, along with the historic and donated works of art, make up the City’s 300+ piece Public Art Collection, with several that have become iconic symbols for Denver. The Public Art collection has expanded the opportunity for Denver residents to experience art in public places, thereby creating more visually pleasing environments.

VIEW all the art in the Public Art Guide to Downtown Denver.

The Colorado Convention Center is honored to have their own wonderful collection of public art on-site. Information about the City's entire public art collection and opportunities for involvement in the public art process is available by calling (720) 865-4313.

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