Indeterminate Line

Bernar Venet

Bringing contrast to the angular and linear forms of the building, Mr. Venet’s Indeterminate Line adds character to the exterior of the Colorado Convention Center. By bending and twisting long square rods of steel with an overhead crane, a sense of individuality and freedom is created. To create the perfect rust, artist Bernar Venet used COR-TEN steel on the surface of the art piece. Indeterminate Line was manufactured in Hungry and shipped over to Denver in pieces. The early works of Mr. Venet in the 1960s explored impersonal laws of physics and math to liberate art form aesthetic rules. Similar to the Indeterminate Line showcasing in Yale University, these graceful steel curves show moments of vitality and non-conformity to logical ideas. As though we were doodling on paper, this piece makes us wonder where the circular shape begins and ends like the name suggests.

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