Energy Reduction and Alternative Sources

Energy conservation is a major challenge for many convention centers as the buildings are often operating on a near 24-hour basis.

Here at the Colorado Convention Center, we look for creative ways to reduce our impact. Our electrical and engineering departments work hard to reduce energy consumption through mindful scheduling, equipment retrofits and upgrades, and preventative maintenance.


  • Variable Frequency Drive fans in our HVAC system for increased efficiency
  • Natural Day-lighting used in our Atrium
  • Lighting Level protocol set at 50% for move-in and 25% for cleaning and maintenance
  • 300kw rooftop Solar Array

The Solar Array system has been in place since 2008 and produces approximately 400,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually. This saved the equivalent of 282 metric tons (MtCO2e) of carbon dioxide emissions as compared to conventionally produced electricity, which equates to the CO2 emissions of the following:

  • Saving 31,676 gallons of gasoline
  • Saving 655 barrels of oil
  • Planting 7,067 trees
  • Taking 53 cars off the road for a year

Sustainable Tips

  • Interested in learning about how to calculate the Carbon Footprint of your event? Contact our Sustainability Manager to gather this important data.
  • Renting or purchasing equipment for your event? Make sure it is Energy Star certified to increase the efficiency of your event.
  • Incorporate a power down policy at your next event. Turn off computers, printers, and light fixtures when not in use. Take it a step further by asking your production company to do the same!

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