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Ancient Colorado Paintings

Kirk Johnson & Jan Vriesen

Artist Kirk Johnson and Jan Vriesen created a series of ten large paintings that depict the extinct Colorado landscape evolution of our state through the last 500 million years. This installation inspires and encourages visitors to leave the building and explore the region. The scientist and artist worked closely together to create the most accurate time period and representation of each location. The Ancient Colorado paintings are displayed from oldest to most recent accompanied by interpretive panels and a printed prehistoric guide allowing viewers to connect the images with current landscapes and parks. Many of the parks are only short drives from downtown Denver. Over this time frame, Colorado has seen an incredible array of environmental changes from deep seas and alpine glaciers, to tropical rainforests and sandy deserts. This artistic collaboration brings these ancient landscapes to life.

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Collection of Paintings

Collection of Paintings

Tony James No. 1

Truly Rural


Wood Water Rock

Wild Mustang

Welcome to the Front Range

Wall of Words

Dynamic Wall Sculpture

Ocular series

Pure and Clean and Raw

Duologue series of small paintings


Two Tall Mountains and Joggers in the Park

Tail Spin

The Rope Whisperer

The Heavy is the Root of the Light

Stone Garden

Seattle Cows

Model State: A Local Cosmology

License Plates

Laughing Escalator

I See What You Mean

Indeterminate Line

I Know You Know That I Know

Glimmer, Waggenwaybreen, and Losvik Cut

Four Floors of Murals

Forever Colliding

Don’t Hide

Doing the Denver Dance

Colorado Pioneers

Colorado Panorama: A People’s History

Boulder Creek‚ Autumn 08 #1

Big Ben

Atmosphere No. 27, 37 and 44

Ancient Colorado Paintings

1000 Prayers

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