The Heavy is the Root of the Light

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The Heavy is the Root of the Light

Mindy Bray

The Heavy is the Root of the Light

Based on photographs of the Platte River at Confluence Park, Mindy Bray's site-specific painting draws parallels between the traffic flow of pedestrians through the lobby outside Bellco theater and the flow of the local river, which drew the original settlement of Denver. Abstracted organic shapes create a sense of directional movement that draws viewers between the lobby and the second floor, mimicking the pattern of the stairwell. Painted directly on the wall, the piece is both permanent and ephemeral, embracing the architecture of the space and the viewer's changing perspective of the work. The title of the work is a line from the Tao te Ching, and references both the movement of pedestrians in harmony with natural rhythms, and the many dualities present in the work, such as natural and constructed spaces, interior and exterior environments, and historical and contemporary uses of the site.


Colorado Convention Center: Mindy Bray Time Lapse from NINE dot ARTS on Vimeo.

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